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Citrix Delivers IT as a Dynamic On-demand Service

Citrix Ready

Citrix offers a dynamic end-to-end virtualization system that transforms desktops and applications into on-demand services enabling users to work securely and productively from anywhere. Citrix virtualization revolutionizes desktop management and simplifies datacenter operations.

By centralizing and simplifying the management of desktops, applications, and server workloads, desktop management and datacenter operations costs are cut up to 50 percent. Citrix HDX Technologies optimize the efficiency and utilization of servers, networks and user devices to provide fast, efficient application performance regardless of user location.

What is CITRIX and why do I need it?
A flexible Citrix solution for you

CITRIX is a complete access platform designed to allow you to easily and securely distribute access to individual applications, manage remote corporate desktops, deploy thin clients, and enable cross-application single sign on. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to deliver your applications to users in the very next room, or a thousand miles away, both can be done with ease. CITRIX allows you to get corporate applications into the hands of your remote offices and staff, clients, and partners, and to maintain complete control of what goes on and what data you grant access to. CITRIX puts you in total control allowing you to centralize systems and support resources, realizing major economic efficiencies, and eliminating duplication of efforts. CITRIX makes it more economical and practical to deliver non-stop systems, and to eliminate the costs that result from unavailable systems. CITRIX provides redundant options that help you provide true non-stop work-from-anywhere applications.

Imagine if you could give partners, telecommuters, home office staff, and mobile workers access to the best IT resources your company has... CITRIX makes it possible. You can deliver your existing and new corporate applications to anyone, anywhere, with ease. CITRIX solutions enable employees and partners to find, organize and collaborate on applications and information—yielding higher productivity, better customer service and improved decision-making. Equally important, CITRIX solutions increase overall access security and immediately deliver measurable returns and benefits. Not only has CITRIX enabled the secure deployment of applications not otherwise suited for remote access, but most of our customers have also seen dramatic reductions in IT costs.

Additionally, with Citrix's new "Metaframe Password Manager", a new state-of-the-art single sign on (SSO) system, you can now give your staff the ability to log in once and securely gain access to web, windows, online, legacy and mainframe applications without having to remember a variety of different credentials. Security compliance is greatly enhanced while the cost of supporting end users that need access to a variety of vendor, partner, and customer systems is greatly reduced.

Why Choose OpSec Consulting for your CITRIX needs?

Expertise: We have consistently demonstrated a very high level of commitment to Server-based computing and CITRIX product offerings. OpSec Consulting assists organizations transform the way they deploy, manage, and access business critical applications across their enterprise. Our certified engineers can deliver services ranging from basic configuration and support to advanced redundant architecture deployments and extended platform enhancements.

OpSec Consulting has solid experience with CITRIX Solutions, thin clients and mobile application deployment. We have already discovered the right and wrong things to deploy both from a software configuration and feature perspective and from a hardware and thin client perspective. With that experience, we can offer you the substantial savings and solution results that can only be achieved through getting it right the very first time. We have deployed CITRIX systems for customers in the Legal, Service, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and many other sectors. Swift Systems has deployed CITRIX in environments ranging from simple solutions where single office firms want to allow partners and key staff to work from anywhere, all the way up to Multi-site, multi-server load balanced configurations for regionally distributed national chains.

With Citrix virtualization, you can:

  • Cut facilities expenses with tele-working and remote working initiatives
  • Reduce labor costs with secure, productive outsourcing and off-shoring
  • Attract and retain key talent with flexible working alternatives
  • Rapidly deploy branch offices
  • Quick time to value for mergers and acquisitions
  • Minimize down-time with business continuity
  • Simplify regulatory compliance projects

Services offered include:

  • Citrix Systems Design and Sales
  • Citrix Solutions Support
  • Consulting, architecture, upgrades and support services
  • Third Party Add-on's for simplified administration and printing
  • WYSE and Neoware Thin Client Solutions, Deployments and Sales
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