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An Integrated Phone and CRM Package

The MultiPlex Phone's integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) add-on supports automation and management for most of these business functions. Three of the most important CRM functions are Sales Management (known as Sales Force Automation), Marketing Management (also known as marketing automation, and Customer Service and Support. With the MultiPlex phone, everything is seamlessly integrated allowing you to provide a rich customer service while reducing your workload.

Find more customers while saving money

A Sales Force Automation system provides a set of tools to streamline various phases of the sales process, and automate and manage many of the tasks performed by the sales staff. Sales Force Automation includes a management system for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective customer, from initial contact to final disposition. Our Sales Force Automation applications also include features for opportunity management, quote generation, sales forecasting and pipeline, workflow automation, and product inventory.

Systems for Marketing Automation help the enterprise identify and target its best customers and generate qualified leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is managing and measuring marketing campaigns, including email, and direct mail. Marketing automation also includes capabilities for managing prospect lists, collateral, and internal marketing resources.

A Customer Service and Support system enables tracking and management of customer service activities and support issues. Customer service is an important differentiator for many businesses, and CRM systems help them improve their customers' experience while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. CRM systems provide tools to manage customer issues and service requests, e.g. track and resolve support requests. They provide tools such and knowledge bases to help customer self-service, and help service staff more quickly respond to customer requests.

CRM systems may also provide an array of related tools and functions such as Inventory Management, which helps businesses manage their inventory of products to ensure reliable and efficient procurement from suppliers and delivery to customers, Calendars, Email, Security Management, and many other useful business tools

Integrating CRM together with the MultiPlex Phone

When you have your CRM software integrated with your phone system it allows you to streamline your business and provide a richer customer service experience. Keeping track of you customers becomes easy as the entire package is seamlessly integrated.

Some of the benefits include

  • Have the customers file open up automatically when the customers calls
  • Click on the Customers number in order to have the system dial it for you
  • See how much customer owes, or if it the customer birthday
  • Automatically display customers location on Google maps
  • Pull up caller ID data from your CRM software and display it on your phone
  • Automatically create trouble tickets
  • Create and keep track of sales quotes
  • Lead Management
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