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The Phones

Compatible Phones

The MultiPlex Phone system is compatible with most PSTN and SIP phones. For workers on the go, you can even use softphones running off of your computer. Our custom phone based applications allow you to use advanced features to fully harness the power of your phone system.


Some of the phone features available include:

  • Color touch screen
  • Softkeys
  • Bluetooth
  • Up to nine lines per phone
  • Video conferencing
  • The phones also support expansion modules to create a feature rich attendant console.
Our custom application allows you to run from your phone:

Visual Voicemail

  • Simple integration with the Voice Mail server
  • Features: Play, Delete, Forward...
System Hardware

Directory Services

  • Easy access from the phone to: Switch directory, Microsoft Exchange global list and Microsoft Exchange personal contacts.
  • Reverse Directory: On the fly database lookup of incoming calls
System Hardware

DND - Call Forwarding - Call Waiting

  • DND, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting.
  • Status can be displayed on the idle screen using the message line or with the LED status
  • Co-workers can see your status and be alerted when you become available
System Hardware

Parked Calls

  • User can access and display a list of names and numbers of parked calls.
  • Can scroll through list to pickup the parked call.
System Hardware

Conference Calls

  • Easy integration with the conference bridge.
  • Features for the conference master: Invite someone, Mute, Kick, Lock.
System Hardware

Call Center Application

  • Login/Logout
  • Screen-pops
  • Queue Real-time status
  • Simplified report access
  • Dedicated keys (record, emergency key, transfer…)
  • Automatic Wrap-up
System Hardware

Hot Desking

  • Voice mail password protected
  • XML softkey to logout from phone
  • Captured phone configuration associated with extension.
  • Reset phone to defaults with login prompts for new user.
  • Dedicated keys (record, emergency key, transfer…)
  • XML softkey to login into new phone:
  • Enter extension number and voicemail password
  • Re-associate old config data with new MAC address
  • Reset phone to take on original appearance
System Hardware

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