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A solution for everyone

There is a MultiPlex Phone for you no matter what your need is. Here are some sample solutions. If yours is not listed contact us and we will develop a custom one just for you


Solutions to streamline doctors offices as well as healthcare centers

Home and Remote Branch Offices

Easily connect multiple offices together to act as one

Mobile Office

For the employer office on the road


A complete solution for hotels as well as other hospitality companies

Educational Institutes

Making it easier for our schools to operate

Instant Office

The hassle free way of setting up an office from scratch

Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions
We work with health care businesses to combine all of their communication technology, such as phone system, voicemail, email, network router, security, and much more into a single plug-and-play unit that’s easy to use, easy to manage, and one third of the cost.

The MultiPlex Phone can save the average Healthcare Clinic and Doctors office over $5,000 per year

Healthcare is a communication intensive business. Good communication has a profound effect on the quality and safety of patient care, as well as patient satisfaction. Effective communication can also save thousands of dollars in communication costs, no-shows, and lost customers.

The MultiPlex Phone dramatically improves communications with customers, patients and administrative staff.

Some of the key features of the MultiPlex Phone for the health care sector include the ability to:

  • Automated appointment confirmation dialer – have the system automatically call your patients to confirm their appointment
  • Patients can call in to listen to test results using their PIN code
  • Record medical prescriptions over the phone and send the recordings for predefined email addresses for transcription
  • Easily reach patient and doctor contacts in a shared address book and click-to dial.
  • Scan shared doctors calendars for quickly scheduling of medical appointments.
  • Redirecting phone extension to cells phones and allow remote phones to be treated as up as local extensions (e.g. assistants).
  • Enable doctors to stay connected while outside the office and access business data , appointment schedules, contacts, and phone extensions.
  • Unlimited conference calls between doctors, staff and/or patients.
  • Individual voice mails, auto attendants, and individual voice mail greetings.
  • Support Paging/Intercom for use in waiting rooms or communicating hands free with patients.
  • Reducing communication costs between offices by using Voice-over-IP technology.
  • Reduced capital and operating expenses (installing and managing a s single converged network and a single device instead of two networks and a multitude of devices).
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Home and Remote Branch Offices
Home and Remote Branch Offices

As IT systems become more prevalent in every area of business, EBOs have increasingly sophisticated needs in terms of networking services.

Staff at EBOs require access to the same services as those at HQ in order to manage the supply chain, monitor inventory, place orders, ensure the satisfaction of their customers and maintain accurate accounting records and since EBOs are often the places where customers interface with the company, it is vital that their IT systems deliver the features and performance they require to promote a professional image of the company. At the same time, the network needs to be secure, reliable and easy to maintain, ideally requiring no on-site IT knowledge.

The MultiPlex Phone addresses these needs by providing an all-in-one solution based on the latest networking technologies combined with a robust hardware platform and the facilities for complete remote management.

IT technology that is reliable and requires little technical support

The MultiPlex Phone is based on dedicated hardware and robust software providing a highly available and reliable system. Since it is a fully integrated “all-in-one” device there are fewer devices and interfaces than can fail. If a MultiPlex Phone does fail, time to locate and rectify the fault is reduced and a replacement unit can be swapped in and restored from automatically produced backup files to the identical configuration as the failed unit in a matter of minutes.

A converged network with reduced maintenance costs

The MultiPlex Phone replaces multiple devices which are costly to acquire, integrate and maintain. The resulting complete converged networking solution requires less administration and maintenance meaning less time and money is spent than on a separate voice and data communications infrastructure. Additionally, support services can be provided from corporate HQ, reducing or eliminating the need for IT staff deployment at EBOs and allowing centralized control and monitoring of all network resources.

Services that can be easily deployed and managed remotely without the need for on-site intervention

All of the services in MultiPlex Phone can be accessed remotely via a single, integrated web management interface. This comes complete with wizards for initial setup and several pre-defined templates for typical usage scenarios to reduce installation and setup time.

Providing the benefits of IP Telephony

Installing a MultiPlex Phone at each branch office reduces costs in terms of:

  • Eliminating call charges between offices using the IP network
  • Reducing long distance and mobile call charges by subscribing to an Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Providing least cost routing so that calls can be routed over the most cost effective PSTN or IP network
  • Eliminating the need for costly hardware such as proprietary PBX systems
  • Allowing for integration with productivity enhancing applications such as CRM
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Mobile Office
Mobile Office

The MultiPlex Phone solution enables remote workers to work from any location, provided they have an Internet connection, with access to only those network resources defined in their security profile.

Allows you to work from:

  • Home
  • Partner's office
  • Client's office
  • Airports
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot


  • As for Branch Office but no on-site equipment needed;
  • Staff connect directly to company's MultiPlex Phone remotely via VPN
  • Have access to all voice and data network features as if they were on-site.

  • Allows your company to step up the next level of efficiency and collaboration, allowing the workers to work from wherever they are as if they were in the office

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A Comprehensive Hotel Management Plus Voice And Data Solution

The MultiPlex Phone can be used as an IP-Based Hotel Management platform that combines all vital Voice, Data and PMS integration services required by Hotels and Resorts in a single system, dramatically reducing costs of operation while greatly improving guest experience.

Win and Retain Customers

  • Provide Secure Connections to Your Guests’ Corporate Networks
  • Offer the Broadest Set of Value-Added Features
  • Create Outstanding Customer Experience

Comprehensive Hotel Management System

  • Easly control and bill your guests for their calls
  • Comprehensive Billing System
  • Interface with Leading PMS Systems (Ex: Micro/Fidelio, Opera)
  • Centralized Management in a Multi-Property Environment
  • Improved Network Optimization and Bandwidth Usage
  • Hotel Internet Access Management and Provisioning

Field-Proven Platform at Low Cost

  • Five-Star IT & Hospitality Services on a Two-Star Budget
  • Easily Configurable & Highly Reliable, Supports Analog and IP Phones
  • Multiple Language Support, Single Point of Contact for All Issues
  • Automated Guest check-in and check-out
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Educational Institutes
Educational Institues

MultiPlex Phone in service of Education

The MultiPlex Phone offers Schools and other educational institutions the ability to connect to the global Internet, provides email and other collaborative tools as well as offer web-based capabilities to develop communities based on shared interests. In fact, the MultiPlex Phone is widely enabling an effective communication avenue between students, between students and staff and also between staff and parents. Of course, core networking services such as telephony and secure networking can also be delivered using the same MultiPlex Phone.

Schools, like their commercial SMB counterparts, have limited IT budget and staff. The MultiPlex Phone squarely addresses this issue by reducing the initial investment, and also by almost eliminating the on-going costs due to the inherent simplicity in managing it.

Key Benefits/Details for Educational Institutions:

  • Snow alert dialer
  • Parent Info Hotline
  • Homework Helpline

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Instant Office
Instant Office

The MultiPlex Phone enables setting up a complete office network at a site in a matter of hours, consolidating the voice and data resources into a "plug-and-play" solution.

The MultiPlex Phone provides all the features you need to have your office up and running, in a matter of hours, including the connectivity to WAN and LAN (Wired or Wireless) with network security and access control.

VoIP and Collaboration tools are included to improve communication between staff and deliver cost savings related within the office and for calls to remote workers and between branch offices.

The MultiPlex Phone is the "all-in-one" office solution that provides cost mitigation when deploying remote or small/medium office infrastructure. These savings will include: communications costs, Windows licensing costs, multi-device support costs, etc...

Main functionalities

    VoIP and IP/PBX
  • Voice Mail, IVR
  • Collaboration
  • Router, Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP,NAT, Wi-Fi
  • VPN, Email, Server and Web Server
  • Security
  • QoS
  • Firewall, Local or Remote Authentication, Network Access Control, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Content Filtering, Backup

The most effective solution for deploying your office network, IT and communications infrastructure, whether it is a single office, a branch office, permanent or temporary, with all services capable of being managed in-house or off-site.
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