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The Hardware

The MultiPlex Phone is made up of the latest and greatest hardware

System Hardware
System Hardware

The MultiPlex Phone is available in Desktop, Tower and Rack configuration.

The MultiPlex Phone is fault tolerant in a redundant power options, redundant fans, mirrored memory or online spare memory, embedded RAID capability, and full-featured remote Advanced Lights-Out 2 management, providing the PBX solution.

Our systems use a variety of processors from the energy saving Atom all the way up to Quad XEON Processors. You have the option of adding dual power supplies as well as RAID hard drives.
We only use the best RAM on the market and are configurations are extremely flexible.

Unlike other phone systems, the MultiPlex Phone does to force you to fit a specific mold. All of the hardware is completely customizable to your specific needs, whether you are a home office with only 5 extensions all the way up to if you are large enterprise location with 1000's of extensions around the world. Below is a sample recommended configuration for a medium size business that will allow 50 concurrent calls:
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Dual-Core Processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2 x 80 GB RAID 1
  • 2 x 400W Hot Swap Power Supply - for redundant backup power
  • 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Interface
  • Onboard 4 Port Switch
  • Up to 6 Telephony Cards using Sangoma Remora Interface cards allowing Up to 48 Ports of Analog or 4 T1/E1s


Exclusivly using IntelThe MultiPlex Phone exclusively uses Intel Processors providing you with the best processors on the market. Different editions of the MultiPlex Phone have different processors depending on your exact needs. The processors range from energy efficient Atom for home and small businesses all the way to the Xeon Quad Core Processors for larger enterprises.

Interface Cards

empowered by Sangoma The MultiPlex Phone is a Sangoma partner allowing us to provide you with the best telephony cards available. You are able to specify what your needs are, so your MultiPlex Phone will serve your needs the best.

Options for interface cards include:

  • ISDN
  • T1
  • E1
  • J1
  • FXS
  • FXO

Cards are available that allow you to mix and match which interfaces are included.

Form Factors

Depending on your need, there is a MultiPlex Phone in a form factor for you. Our home office editions come in small micro-atx forms that way they have the smallest footprint. Our Enterprise editions are available in tower and rack forms.

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