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Telephony Installation & Maintenance Services

Selecting a business telephone phone and voicemail system is similar to selecting an insurance company - you demand reliability, security, and most importantly, the knowledge that your investment is a sound one. There are many solutions out there, but very few will grow and change to meet the needs of your company. Our network-based voice solutions allow customers to leverage their existing data infrastructure for voice functionality.

Telephony Installation & Maintenance Services

Phone SystemsOrganizations rely heavily on their communications systems to maintain contact with customers, suppliers, prospects and other stakeholders. Given the importance of these systems, it is essential to ensure they operate continuously at peak performance. This is precisely what OpSec Consulting is all about. With two-hour on-site response for major incidents - and even faster remote diagnostics – OpSec's experienced service technicians can help resolve any critical system failures, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Given the stability of today's telecommunications infrastructure, it's easy for businesses to take their communications systems for granted. However, as many organizations find out the hard way, phone systems can go down. For companies that run contact centers, this inability to maintain customer contact can potentially cost thousands of dollars - per minute. For government organizations, it can translate into serious service interruptions that jeopardize citizen safety. And for businesses of all sizes, in all markets, telecommunications service interruption can potentially result in a significant loss of productivity and revenue. To avoid these outcomes, thousands of businesses across the world rely on OpSec Consulting for Telephony Maintenance Services. Our trained technicians are certified by leading manufacturers such as Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, Panasonic, Toshiba as well as Digium and TrixBox. No matter what systems you run, OpSec Consulting possesses the expertise to maintain your telecommunications infrastructure.

The MultiPlex PhoneOpSec Consulting is also a proud developer/reseller of the MultiPlex phone. The MultiPlex phone is a next generation, feature Rich, Reliable and Affordable Telephone Switchboard System. It has all features and benefits of the legacy systems at a fraction of the cost. OpSec is licensed to customize the MultiPlex Phone to your exact needs thus reducing your costs by not requiring you to pay for features you don't need.

Business Benefits

With Telephony Maintenance Services from OpSec, your organization can:

  • Avoid the costs associated with a loss of service by ensuring your telecommunications systems operate at peak performance
  • Receive rapid response to maintenance calls, 24/7
  • Enjoy preferred labor rates and priority access to inventory
  • Minimize system downtime and ensure faster issue resolution with remote diagnosis and maintenance
Phone MaintenanceDepending on the service level package you choose, you can also receive quarterly preventative maintenance calls, access to manufacturer software updates and new releases and quarterly reviews by your OpSec Consulting account manager who can provide you with customized recommendations on new products or system upgrades. Thanks to this consultative approach, you can rest assured that your communications platform can support both your current needs and your future growth.
VoIP SystemsWe support full-featured solutions from partners like MultiPlex Phone, Asterisk, Cisco CallManager Express (CME, IPCC), Avaya IP Office, Mitel, Covad/GoBeam, Polycom, and Plantronics. And because OpSec has been selling and recommending VOIP-based phone systems since 1996, we've helped our customers future-proof their businesses as new IP-based communications technologies and applications become commonplace. For example, unified messaging has existed for years, but the new version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 features integrated support for Unified Messaging. Imagine having all of your communications - email, SMS, mobile phone, fax and voicemail in one place - that is the promise of unified communications! We can also help you deploy fully integrated CRM and VOIP solutions, so that when your customers call, you know who's calling, based on their caller ID, before you answer - and can have their customer record on your screen.

VoIP Expertise and Experience

Although OpSec Consulting has experience installing and supporting traditional circuit-switched telephone solutions (ie: Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC, Comdial, Avaya Partner & Magix, etc), we strongly recommend that our customers looking at upgrading, replacing or buying new consider VoIP based solutions in order to future-proof your investment. As businesses search for new ways to cut costs, increase efficiency, and enhance their competitive advantage, they are increasingly choosing to move their phone systems to VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol). Businesses can not only significantly reduce inter-office toll rates and consolidate infrastructure costs with VoIP, but tools that are often implemented in conjunction with these systems, such as unified communications, presence software, and automated attendant features, can appreciably boost employee productivity. Furthermore, VoIP systems can make companies more competitive, for example, by facilitating collaboration, which enables them to bring products to market more quickly.

Some people still mistakenly believe that VoIP is an unproven technology, intended for home users and hobbyists only, and nothing could be further from the truth. VoIP is no longer "bleeding edge" technology - proven sales growth in VoIP and most industry experts agree that VoIP-based telephone system sales will soon overtake traditional phone solutions as the predominant "phone" technology for new system installations, and every major phone carrier has either deployed, or is in the process of deploying a VoIP-based backbone.

Because of this changing landscape in telephones, OpSec Consulting made a commitment to begin working with, and developing expertise in business-class VoIP-based phone systems and computer telephony from the beginning. We felt certain that business telephone systems would eventually become part of the computer network and slowly but surely, we've been proven correct over the last several years, as the industry has begun morphing. This has allowed us to develop invaluable experience with this technology.

We are licensed as a developer for the MultiPlex Phone system. This system allows industries to choose the right mix of VoIP or PSTN services. Due to our developer status, we are able to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

A Complete Solution
A Complete SolutionWhen you hire OpSec for a business telephone deployment, you don't just get a "phone installer" - you get a company that can also design and install all of the copper phone and data (and fiber when needed) cabling infrastructure to support the system, installed to spec/code, and you get a company that is considered an expert at business data network and security issues. When you hire OpSec, you get certified and highly experienced professionals that truly understand the complexities of today's business LAN/WAN environments, and can effectively leverage that with your telephone system deployment to insure a seamless solution.


Services Offered:

  • VoIP / Computer network-based telephone system design (PBX, Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, ACD, IVR, and CTI).
  • Telephone / PBX room planning and design, including space planning, airflow, heat/BTU analysis and power analysis.
  • Connectivity solutions for your voice and Internet data services at competitive pricing.
  • CRM and telephone systems integration solutions.
  • Overhead and telephone paging integration.
  • Technical liaison with telephone companies / LECs and CLECs.
  • Management of system installation, testing and end-user training and administrator training.
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