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Increase your network capabilities while reducing your cost

Why use virtualization

Increase your capabilities while reducing costs


Use VSphere, ESX, or ESXi

Microsoft Hyper-V

Or by using Microsoft Hyper-V

Why use virtualization?
Why use virtualization?

Increase Your Options

OpSec Consulting provides full support for server virtualization, and server consolidation using VMware Technology (VSphere, ESX, Server) or Microsoft Hyper-V. Server Virtualization is becoming one of the most widely used technologies in small to medium business environments. One of the biggest reasons for the rapid growth in Virtualization is that it allows a business owner to move multiple physical servers to a single server without any negative effects. Having multiple servers on a single physical server makes it affordable to move your server off-site to a Datacenter (Colocation) which in the past was only available to very large companies due the high costs of rack space when multiple large servers had to be used. Administration and server management costs are reduced and made easier via a single console that is used to control all virtual servers.

Server Virtualization has become one the most important and beneficial network technologies over the past 10 years. Virtualization software (VMWare ESX. VMWare VSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) allows you to run multiple server operating systems simultaneously on one physical server. This is possible because VMWare ESX, VMWare VSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V creates a virtual self contained image for each server. Each server hosted in the virtual environment shares hardware resources saving money on administration, power, rack space and hardware. Each image or server can have it’s resources adjusted to allow room for growth as well as the reduction of allocated resources which reduces server waste. Our Virtual Server Engineers are trained in virtualization resource optimization; this ensures that your hardware is being properly used and that critical servers have the optimal resources allocated. Find out how much your small business could save using virtualization combined with having your server off-site.

If you prefer to have your server off-site, we have a Datacenter (Colocation) in locations around the world with multiple redundant host servers that are able to handle your virtualization needs. We can clone your physical environment and run it off-site for you. This eliminates the need to have an in house computer IT Department or tech on-site to support your servers. We have 24/7 support with a server technician just a few steps away from your server. If you have any trouble you simply call us and the problem is handled without the need for a network engineer or technician to visit your office. We also have service plans that cover full server support and administration.

We have many happy satisfied that have virtualized their servers and moved them off-site for cost reduction and security. We can provide business references to any business that is interested in virtualizing their servers or moving them to our colocation facility.

Some of the benefits of switching to virtualized servers are:

  • Ability to run multiple servers on one physical server
  • The ability to instantly move to different hardware if you have a server failure
  • Easier to back-up and restore data
  • Less electricity and cooling required due to server consolidation.
  • Lower administration costs for server, single console for all servers
  • Much lower chance of hardware failure.
  • And Much Much More
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VMWare - ESX, EXi and VSphere
VMWare - ESX, EXi and VSphere
We have network engineers skilled in converting physical servers into virtual servers using cutting edge VMware technology. Our VMware technology solutions will help you plan for future growth and save on server hardware. We can convert any Windows based server to VMware which is capable of storing multiple Windows servers on one rack mountable / tower server. This makes using a Co-Location facility much cheaper due to reduction in physical servers needed

For example, if you have three physical servers you will need to update hardware on three physical boxes. We provide a solution to consolidate all three boxes in to one physical box. That itself doesn't sound like a viable solution, but when you implement VMWare ESX and VMWare VSphere Server technology you end up with a performance gain by allocating resources to each guest server as needed. VMWare has also released new embedded version of VMWare ESX and VMWare VSphere Server, which allows for even better integration, performance and management.

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Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
Windows 2008 has built-in virtualization software that is similar to VMware server. Hyper-V allows you to run multiple operating systems and manage them from one console, similar to VMWare. This technology allows you to use a single Windows 2008 server and have multiple virtual guests allowing you to save on hardware costs (physical servers). You have the option of installing and using Hyper-V that is included with Windows 2008 as part of the base operating system. This allows you to create multiple virtual guests within the operating system. This is a new technology and is included with Windows 2008 Server, we offer full support for Hyper-V, VMWare and Server Virtualization.

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization now supports VMware ESX server. When using the Microsoft VM manager 2008 it now supports virtual guests from ESX server. In the past Microsoft didn't include Hyper-V support for any non-Microsoft products. Since VMWare ESX server has hit the market, Microsoft has decided to include support for VMWare ESX server with their system center Virtual Machine Manager 2008. This makes managing a multi-VMWare Hyper-V environment easy to manage from a single console and consolidate any ESX servers to the Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 Virtual Server.

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