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Why a new phone system?

There is a MultiPlex Phone system to suit any type of organization from the small office environment to the huge enterprises with telephone handsets distributed over multiple locations. Whatever size of system, all are installed with a huge array of truly powerful features and the ability to 'bolt on' a range of specialist features like FSA approved call recording or CRM dialing ensuring every need can be met.

Reduce Your Costs

Easily reduce your short-term and long-term costs all-around. Both for equipment and phone service.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Improve your staff's efficiency allowing them to do more work easier.

Create a Better Image

Portray a more professional image to your customers.

Reduce Costs
  • Reduced Phone bills
  • Free calls between offices and users even internationally
  • Lower maintenance charges
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced phone lines needed
  • Reduce up to 8 devices
  • Automatically route your calls over the most inexpensive route (VoIP, PSTN)
  • Connect to other office locations seamlessly
  • Fewer devices means less maintenance costs
  • Eliminate/Reduce need for in-house IT staff
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Improve Staff Efficiency
  • Drive calls to the right people
  • Free up reception staff for other tasks
  • Manage more calls then there are staff - without busy signals
  • Improve call targets
  • Unify the home and traveling workforce with mobile extensions
  • Utilize conference facilities and avoid travel expenses
  • Integrate with CRM and accounting packages
  • Leverage follow me features
  • Central Fax server
  • Integrated instant messaging
  • Computer based switchboard allowing you to see which extension are in use and to 'drag-and-drop' transfers
  • Employees away from the desk can offer callers alternate destinations (Cell, Voicemail, secretary, etc..)
  • Greetings and call routing can vary by time of day
  • Failsafe - inbound and outbound get automatically routed to your PSTN line if your internet goes down
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Create a Better Image
  • Automatically handle calls in a professional manner
  • Make the customer feel significant
  • Never miss a call even when closed
  • provide inbound toll free and local calling from around the world
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